Richard Dawkins in Athens

The famous scientist and author Richard Dawkins visited Athens, Greece for two events that took place at 24-25th of April 2015. I had the chance to attend day one, which was organised by Public stores, Katoptron publications and was supported by the Atheist Union of GreeceHumanist Union of Greece and The Hub Events. Eliza Goroya, member of the Amnesty International organisation, hosted the conversation (very successfully) alonside with questions from twitter users that used the hashtag #PublicAsksDawkins. 

Having read his most famous book "The God Delusion" and watched many of his lectures and documentaries on youtube over the last years, I felt very lucky and privileged to have the chance to "meet" this great and brilliant man and I tried to capture some of these moments with my camera.

Richard Dawkins talked about the relation of ethics, religion and science, Darwin, commented the censorship regarding blasphemy (based on the punishment of Fillipos Loizos for his mocking  facebook page on Gerontas Paisios). He talked  about politicians who are, or probably are atheists but have never admitted it in public, racism, education, Mount Athos, rational thinking, life and death and how he wished to be remembered.

He was very friendly, full of passion as always, with a great sense of humor. At the end he stayed for a book signing session and was happy to meet everyone patiently despite his cold and the large amount of people.

I believe that the most important thing about this kind of people is their passion and that they motivate and inspire thousands of other people to think, be creative and enjoy life.