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The Gallery

The students of the Senior Practicum of the Theatre Arts department of Deree (The American College of Greece), presented their final theatre performance on 14-17th of April 2016. The performance was named "The _____ Gallery" and was inspired by diverse paintings and I was responsible for the lighting design. On the following blog post you can see a detailed presentation of each scene, with all the information, the original painting on which each scene was inspired from (with links to the painters) and images I took and edited so that they have also similar aesthetics with each scene's painting.


Inspired by "Guernica" by Pablo Picasso.
Directed by: Peggy Psarrou
The Bull: Petros Dimotakis

"Guernica" by Pablo Picasso

The Bar

Inspired by "Tapas Bar Ladies" by Grace Divine.
Directed by: Peggy Psarrou
Waiter: Antonis Papachristou
Girls: Danae Paraskevopoulou, Niobe Danezis, Niki Gyra
The Couple: Petros Dimotakis, Peggy Psarrou

"Tapas Bar Ladies" by Grace Divine


Inspired by "The Drunkards" by James Ensor.
Directed by: Danae Paraskevopoulou
The Drunk: Georgia Pantazopoulou
Waitress: Marilena Sitaropoulou

"The Drunkards" by James Ensor

The Ritual

Inspired by "Dance (I)" by Henri Matisse.
Directed by: Georgia Pantazopoulou
The "Lucky" One: Antonis Papachristou
High Priestess: Danae Paraskevopoulou
Priestesses: Marilena Sitaropoulou, Niobe Danezis

"Dance (I)" by Henri Matisse


Inspired by "The Death Of Marat" by Jacques-Louis David.
Directed by: Peggy Psarrou, Niki Gyra
Marat: Antonis Papachristou
French Guy: Petros Dimotakis
Wairess: Danae Paraskevopoulou

"The Death Of Marat" by Jacques-Louis David

La Libertad

Inspired by "La Libertad" by Marcos Villalva.
Directed by: Niki Gyra
M: Marilena Sitaropoulou
G: Petros Dimotakis

"La Libertad" by Egon Schiele

The Sea Close By

Inspired by "Black Sand Beach" by Yiota Chroni.
Directed by: Niobe Danezis
Man: Petros Dimotakis

Crowd: Marilena Sitaropoulou, Georgia Pantazopoulou, Antonis Papachristou

"Black Sand Beach" by Yiota Chroni


Inspired by "Les Souliers" by Vincent van Gogh.
Directed and acted by: Antonis Papachristou
Pedestrian: Petros Dimotakis

"Les Souliers" by Vincent van Gogh


Inspired by "The Actor" by Pablo Picasso.
Directed by: Danae Paraskevopoulou
Actor: Petros Dimotakis

The Director: Danae Paraskevopoulou
Tolis: Antonis Papachristou

"The Actor" by Pablo Pixasso

The Hand That Rules The World

Inspired by "The Power" by Patrick Campbell.
Directed by: Marilena Sitaropoulou
The Hand: Petros Dimotakis

Slaves: Marilena Sitaropoulou, Niobe Danezis

"The Power" by Patrick Campbell

"Girls" by Michael Carson


Inspired by "Girls" by Michael Carson.
Directed by: Peggy Psarrou, Niki Gyra
The Voice: Philippos Psarrakos
Girls: Niobe Danezis, Georgia Pantazopoulou, Marilena Sitaropoulou, 
Danae Paraskevopoulou, Niki Gyra




"The Lovers" by by Egon Schiele

Inspired by "The Lovers" by Egon Schiele.
Directed by: Niki Gyra
Sally: Marilena Sitaropoulou
Kevin: Petros Dimotakis

"Rosie the Riveter" by J. Howard Miller

We Can Do It!

Inspired by "Rosie the Riveter" by J. Howard Miller.
Directed by: Marilena Sitaropoulou
Rosie: Georgia Pantazopoulou
Niki Gyra, Danae Paraskevopoulou,
Peggy Psarrou, Niobe Danezis












"Punk Mom" by Banksy

Inspired by "Punk Mom" by Banksy.
Directed by: Peggy Psarrou
Pepi: Georgia Pantazopoulou
Niobe Danezis








"La Columna Rota" by Frida Kahlo

Inspired by "La Columna Rota" by Frida Kahlo.
Directed and acted by: Marilena Sitaropoulou












The Auction

Directed and acted by everyone
Auctioneer: Tony Papa

Short Monologues

Directed and performed by: 
Niobe Danezis
Petros Dimotakis
Niki Gyra
Georgia Pantazopoulou
Antonis Papachristou
Danae Paraskevopoulou
Peggy Psarrou
Marilena Sitaropoulou

Lightining Designer: 
Pavlos Mavridis

Supervised by: 
Mr. Michael Wighton

Special thanks to Dr. Ana Sanchez-Colberg for her valuable help and guidance.