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Shooting Capture

Capture Company Logo 2014.jpg

Capture is a lighting design, documentation  and visualisation software and a very useful tool for every lighting designer. I have written about the use of it in some of my previous posts, that involved lighting design. I recently made a promotional photo shooting for this company plus I took some pictures of their annual meeting which took place here in Athens during last September.

The "About" page of Capture website

Lars Wernlund, the technical director of Capture

Vangelis Manolis, the library director of Capture

Lars (Lasse) Berg, the sales directorof Capture

Capture has been in the market since 1994 and celebrated its 20 years of existence with the new version called Capture Argo. Their annual meeting took place in Athens during last September. Below you can see a photo story of "a day at the office".