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Shooting 3Fold Pain

As 3Fold Pain has recently released their new song and music video "Feel My Hate", I find the opportunity to make a post regarding my collaboration with the band.
Everything started 3 years ago when Antonis Vlachos (singer), who is a very close friend since 2000, started his new music project as he had just returned from London. This was the period I started considering more seriously about photography and especially concert photography.
The very first shooting took place in one of the band's first live appearances back on the 13th of April 2011 at the historic "An Club" in Athens. I still had my first camera, a Canon 1000D. 


A few months later, on the 22nd of July, the band was headlining "Elikia Open Air Festival" at the city of Aigio, which is Antonis' hometown.


During the same week, on the 27th of July, I attended their next performance at the "Rainbow Club" in Athens. This was the toughest one because of the low light situation. I had to edit the photos in black and white format in order to achieve a better result and it went pretty good with a darker, more "underground" style.


As we reach the end of 2011, I was called to shoot the band during their rehearsal at "Baseline Studios" in Athens, on the 17th of December, for their upcoming gigs. Different situation of shooting, no "live performance" so it ended up with a different and more "artistic" approach.

As we enter the year 2012, I upgrade my equipment with the Canon 600D. During the summer, the band calls me for a small road trip with them for their two performances. The first one is on the 3rd of August, at the "River Party" in northern Greece, one of the oldest and most famous open air summer festivals in Greece and the second one the day after, at the city of Aigio, headlining for the second time at the local festival now called "Soundwave Festival".

This small tour, ends on the 20th of August, at the "10th Festival of Galatsi" in Athens.


2012 ends up with a shooting on the 7th of December, at the "Antart Hall" in Athens. This is one of the best live clubs in terms of lighting and sound and for sure, my personal favorite shooting of the band. These photos were used in the booklet of the band's first album re-issue by Turkey Vulture Records label.


Early 2013, 3rd of March and the band makes a special appearance at "Winter Festival" in the city of Aigio, at the beautiful live club called "Polytexneio", one of the best clubs I've ever been outside Athens. Once again I was lucky with the lighting there and here are some of my personal favorites.


For the third time, the band is headlining "Soundwave Festival" on the 3rd of August 2013.

On the 13rd of September 2013 3Fold Pain makes a headlining appearance at "Kyttaro Club" in Athens.

My last collaboration with the band took place at "Interpid Fox" club in Athens, on the 11th of April 2014.

If you want to check my full collection of 3Fold Pain photos click on the following links:
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3Fold Pain are:
Antonis Vlachos: Vocals
Thodoris Roumeliotis: Guitars
Effie Koufakou: Bass
Fivos Andriopoulos: Drums