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Roadtrip 3 - MTV Rise Backstage


This season started with a promo shooting for the third version of Roadtrip which premiered on 22nd of September at Kinitiras Studio. Roadtrip is  a theatre performance-show  that takes place on the road, created and directed by Violetta Gyra. Roadtrip is a unique experience for the audience and transforms a simple car into a moving stage. Here you can watch the trailer and also you can follow the facebook event here.

Earlier this week, Rise TV (powered by MTV) did a special episode report for Roadtrip, hosted by Elvi Mixailidou. You can see below some backstage photos from the shootings.

Concept: Violetta Gyra
Script: John Zevgolis & John Ragos
Cast: Elena Tyrea, Dimitris Liolios, Theodoris Smeros, Kinthia Voukouvalidou, Asteris Krikonis
Music: Odisseas Konstantopoulos
Costume design: Avdelopoulou Toni
Production team: Violetta Gyra, Niki Gyra, Maria Vlachostathopoulou
Trailer: Sugar High Productions