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Monty Python Live (Mostly) - London 2014

After almost three years, I visited for the second time the city of London. This trip was scheduled in order to experience one of the most historic live performances of all time, the one and only Monty Python performing live (mostly) for their last time at the O2 arena, after nearly 35 years since their last live appearance at the Hollywood Bowl back in 1980.
Τhis is more of a personal blog post-photo story, containing photos of these four days in London and special captures of the Monty Python show . Enjoy and share if you like it!

Arrived at the Stansted airport, on our way to find our bus to central London. A sci-fi like station made of concrete and metal. Could not resist.

First stop at Stratford. Lucky enough, our airport bus passed by one of my listed destinations for this trip. This is the Cart and Horses pub which is famous due to its connection with the British band Iron Maiden, as their "birthplace". In the spring of 1976, the band secured a residency at The Cart and Horses pub and had a couple of gigs there. The place is full of Iron Maiden memorabilia and there is still the small stage they played back then. A unique experience for every Maiden fan.

Our hotel was located near the Shepherd's Bush station. Very close to it was the O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire, a very famous music venue originally built in 1903.

The walking marathon has already began and while waiting for the tube in Notting Hill station I took this picture.

Magic hour and we are heading to the center of London, near River Thames and the City of Westminster.

Some boys doing skateboard at the streets of city center.

Capturing the London Eye (also known as the Millennium Wheel) from a different point of view.

Crossing one more bridge on River Thames.

The recently restored Painted Hall is located at the Old Royal Naval College of Greenwich. Full of great paintings.

The Southwark Cathedral, located on the south bank of the River Thames. It was funny that I only had once shot to take, because after this, I had to "help" the cathedral with 2 pounds per shot...

A carousel on the road draws my attention. Childhood memories and thriller movies combined.

A landscape view of London. For some reason I had in mind the cover of the "Animals" album from Pink Floyd.

Inside the British Museum, there is a space called "The Great Court", with great architectural design and natural lighting. 

A different perspective.

The massive painting inside the building dome, made by Sir James Thornhill, took him almost 19 years to complete.

Pictute taken near near the Parliament Square. A painter, a man looking at his smartphone and the "not" visible statue of George Canning above everyone. I had a "Canning" plan...

The Peter Harrison Planetarium.

Picture taken at the Chapel of the Old Royal Naval College of Greenwich. Great combination of natural and artificial lighting.

And now for something completely different...

And here we are, ready to witness a historic moment. To see live, the most important comedy group of the pop culture, Monty Python. Performing for their last time on the 20th of July 2014 at the O2 arena. I never imagined that these British legends would ever hit the stage again but dreams sometimes come true. The venue is very well organised, easy to reach and it was full of gumbys and lumberjacks waiting to see the show. First stop at the merchandise shop and off we go.

The show was supposed to be broadcast live all over the world at cinemas, cable TV etc. So at 19:30 exactly it began. All the classics were there. The stage was huge and the five remaining Pythons were amazingly good. It was impressive how quick were the changes, reminding me the BBC series, mixed with songs, video projections and a bit of a musical taste. After the opening sequence the group appearred on stage singing the "Llama Song" and then the first performed sketch was the "Four Yorkshiremen".

Some videos and the updated "Penis Song" is performed. What follows is the "The Last Supper" sketch and "Every Sperm Is Sacred".

This sketch was smart connected with the "Protestants Can Use Condoms" sketch.

The "Vocational Guidance Counsellor" came after some "Silly Olympics" video and then one of my favorites, "The Lumberjack Song".

Then was the "Bruces" sketch with the "Philosophers Song" and the first guest appearance on stage made by the British stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard.

"Crunchy Frog" after the second half of "The Philosophers' Football Match" video.

"The Man Who Speaks in Anagrams" sketch.

The "I Like Chinese" song closes the first act.

The second act started with the "Spam Ballet" singing the "Sit On My face" song. "Exploding Penguin On The TV Set" sketch was next, followed by Mr. Terry Gilliam as Gumby performing the "Gumby Flower Arranging" sketch.

"Poofy Judges" with a "sexy" appearance by Michael Palin and Eric Idle was next.

Mr. John Cleese starts yelling "Albatross, Albatross"!

Nudge nudge, wing wing, say no more, say no more. One of my personal favorites.

The "Blackmail" sketch with guest appearance by the Canadian actor Mike Myers.

"Anne Elk's Theory on Brontosauruses" sketch was one the best Cleese's acting moments on that show.

But nobody expects the..."Spanish Inquisition"! Michael Palin at his best!

The sketch was interrupted by Ms. Eric Idle performing "The Galaxy Song". This was probably the highlight of the show as it was previously announced that professor Stephen Hawking and physicist Brian Cox would make a cameo appearance. The surprise for everyone was that at the end of the song and the very funny video with both guests appearing, professor Hawking was present and appeared live on screen followed by a great round of applaud and standing ovation.

The "Silly Walk Song" which came next had by far the best and most impressive choreography of the show. Outstanding!

The "Argument Clinic" was next, interrupted as happened long ago at the Hollywood Bowl by Gilliam descended from the ceiling and singing the "I've Got Two Legs" song.

Reaching the end of the show and the "Spam" sketch is here.

Final sketch their most popular one "The Dead Parrot", combined with the "Cheese Shop" sketch.

"Christmas In Heaven" song, originally performed by  Graham Chapman on their movie "The Meaning Of Life".

Time for the encore and of course a singalong "Always Look On the Bright Side Of Life" and the final applause.

To conclude this post, I would just like to say that watching these legends performing their historic comedy sketches was a lifetime experience. There were some tribute moments for the missing Python Graham Chapman and that is the reason the show was titled full of sarcasm "One Down, Five To Go".

All of the footage is published just for this personal blog and please do not copy or reproduce any of the images for commercial reasons. Support the silliness by visiting the official website of Monty Python and wait for the release of the show on Blu-Ray coming soon.

Thanx for reading and...