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Kinitiras Choreography Lab 2014

The International Kinitiras Choreography Lab took place at Kinitiras Studio on the 25th of July 2014, celebrating its 5th year of presence, featuring international participants and Greek artists. As usual, the event was open for the audience and it was a promenade performance. This was very interesting regarding the space and how people reacted to performers and light changes. It was consisted of ten choreography pieces connected as one straight performance. 

For the Lab:

Ana Sánchez-Colberg:  Producer, Lab mentor

Pavlos Mavridis:  Lighting & Sound


Choreography: Maria Sermpou (GR)
Performers: Anka Gaceska, Marianna Panourgia, Vicky Angelidou, Maria Sermpou

Bathroom Vignettes (3 parts)

Choreography: Marili Pizarro (PR)

Performers: Marili Pizarro, Marianna Panourgia, Vicky Angelidou, Cristina Lugo


Cabezidura (Hardheaded)

Choreography: Cristina Lugo (PR)

Performers: Cristina Lugo

Sound: Devised by artist

My Other Body

Choreography: Marianna Panourgia (GR)

Performers: Marianna Panourgia

Music: DJ Shadow - Building Steam With Grains Of Salt

“Let's go." "We can't." "Why not?" "We're waiting for Godot. (2 parts)

Choreography: Anka Gaceska (SRB)

Performers: Anka Gaceska

Flight To The Past

Choreography: Vicky Angelidou (GR)

Performers: Marili Pizarro, Cristina Lugo, Vicky Anagelidou

Sound: Recorded texts of Mariana Zisi


A Collaboration In Two / Parts 

Choreography: Eleni Mylona (GR/CH) & Hilly Bodin (USA)

Performers: Eleni Mylona, Eleni Mylona

Music: Klaus Nomi - Cold Song

Sound: Greece - A Cry, Eleni Mylona (spoken text)


For more info regarding the event click here.
Below, you can watch the whole performance in two parts.