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False Coda - Promo 2016

False Coda - Promo 2016_header.jpg

As the progressive metal band from Greece "False Coda" is adding the final touches on their upcoming release of their second album I was called to do their new promo shooting for 2016.
The photo shooting took place at "Poli Theatre" early 2016. The equipment I used was my Canon EOS 600D with the Canon 50mm 1,8F and Sigma 18-35mm 1,8F lenses plus 3 studio flashes with two softboxes and one umbrella. All the editing was done with the latest Photoshop CC version and all textures were taken from the album's artwork made by a great french artist called Nihil.

False Coda are:
Vocals - Stefanos Zafeiropoulos
Guitars - Bill Milios
Drums - Andrew Milios
Bass - Nick Pogas
Keyboars - Lefteris Kapetanios

For any additional information regarding False Coda you can visit the following links:
Facebook page:

Last edited 05/10/2016

The band has just released a new lyric video for the song "Monolith" from their upcoming album called "Secret and Sins".
Sounds awesome!

Watch it below!